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Travel Insurance

For a few cents a day, travel insurance protects you, the ones you love, and your belongings from the financial nightmare of an accident or sudden illness on a trip, and from unexpected expenses if you miss a flight or if your luggage is stolen.

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Travel Insurance

Are you a Canadian resident? Many provincial or territorial health insurance plans only cover you for specific health expenses incurred in your home province or territory.

Are you a visitor to Canada? Traveling outside your country of residence without travel insurance could leave you stranded and your finances strained from an accident or sudden illness.

Are you relying on credit card insurance? Some credit cards do offer travel insurance, but these plans often have limited benefits and coverage.

Without adequate travel insurance, a broken arm from being hit by a car could cost you or your family thousands of dollars in unplanned bills for medication, doctor visits and hospital stays, as well as additional daily expenses.

Spend a little now—and save a whole lot later. Why wouldn’t you get travel insurance?

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