Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Canada 2019

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Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Canada 2019

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Each year, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) releases a list of the top 10 vehicles stolen in Canada. According to the IBC, “automobile theft costs Canadians $1 billion, including $542 million for insurers to fix or replace stolen vehicles, $250 million in police, health care and court system costs and millions more for correctional services.”

Some vehicles are stolen to sell abroad or to sell to unwitting customers. Others are stolen to go on joyrides or to be used in another crime.

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Canada 2019

  1. 2007 FORD F350 SD 4WD
  2. 2006 FORD F350 SD 4WD
  3. 2005 FORD F350 SD 4WD
  4. 2004 FORD F350 SD 4WD
  5. 2006 FORD F250 SD 4WD
  6. 2003 FORD F350 SD 4WD
  7. 2018 LEXUS RX350/RX350L/RX450h/RX450hL 4DR AWD
  8. 2005 FORD F250 SD 4WD
  9. 2002 FORD F350 SD 4WD

9 of the top 10 stolen vehicles do not have ignition immobilizers that prevent vehicles from being hotwired.

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