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Operating a professional services business is extremely challenging without having to worry about suffering significant financial loss due to unforeseen circumstances. Get the protection that is right for you. We can customize your insurance to suit your needs from comprehensive packages to select coverage.

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Anyone who holds themselves out as having a special body of knowledge, skill, or expertise and are paid for their work, service or advice, are professionals. A professional liability policy covers liability arising out of negligent acts, errors and omissions in the rendering, or failing to render, of professional services. Such failure could have harmful consequences not only your company’s financial stability but your personal assets as well.

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Most brokers and agents do not specialize in Professional Liability Insurance so you may not be able to obtain the right coverage for your business from your current broker or agent. Besides, we know that you are busy and do not want to deal with multiple brokers or agents for all of your insurance needs. We can insure your business liability, business property, directors & officers liability, employment practices liability, group insurance, and more.

We provide insurance coverage for a wide range of business.

Administrative Consultants
Advertising Agencies & Consultants
Aerial Mappers
Affinity Groups
Alternate Dispute Resolution
Application Service Providers
Archaeological Consultants
Architectural Technologists & Technicians
Barber Shops
Beauty Parlours
Cabling Designers
Call Centres
Career Counsellors
Certified General Accountants
Certified Management Accountants
Chartered Accounts
Collection Agencies
Communications Consultants
Computer Consultants
Computer Hardware Analysis & Design
Computer Hardware Installation
Computer Hardware Resellers
Computer Hardware Training
Computer Networking
Computer Training
Data Processors
Employment Agencies
Engineering Technologists & Technicians
Environmental Consultants
Event Planners
Forensic Accountants
Graphic Artists
Human Resource Consultants
Industrial Training
Information Technology Insurance
Interior Decorators
Interior Designers
Janitorial Services
Land Surveyors
Landscape Architects
Management Consultants
Market Researchers
Marketing Consultants
Media Consultants
Meeting Planners
Non-Destructive Testers
Nursing Care Placement Agencies
Office Insurance
Patent & Trademark Agents
Personal Counsellors
Placement Agencies
Project Managers
Property Appraisers
Property Managers
Public Relations Consultants
Quantity Surveyors
Real Estate Agents
Recruitment Agencies
Registry Offices
Relocation Consultants
Rug & Upholstery Cleaner
Safety Code Officers
Social Workers
Software Analysis and Design
Software Developers
Software Resellers
Software Training
Tax Preparers
Teeth Whitening
Ticket Agencies
Title Searchers
Town Planners
Travel Agencies
Urban Planners
Website Developers
Website Hosting

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Our licensed, knowledgeable and professional staff will make your insurance experience pleasant and stress-free.  Whether your business is small and simple or large and complex, we provide insurance solutions tailored to suit your requirements.

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