Kijiji cottage rental scam strikes again – Steven Oriley

by | Aug 3, 2014 | Cottaging, Living, Preventing, Scamming, Travelling

Kijiji cottage rental scam strikes again - Steven Oriley

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A person going by the name of Steven Oriley has been operating a cottage rental scam through Kijiji the past couple of weeks.

The cottage is not owned by Oriley and the actual owner has never put it up for rent. Would be renters contacted Oriley through his ad on Kijiji after they had scoured the “last minute cancellations special” section on Kijiji. Oriley would send the renter a contract which would be signed and returned to Oriley. Once the signed contract was received, Oriley would offer a 10% discount if the renter wired him the money which could be as high as $1,500. The renters would show up at the cottage with family and luggage in tow, only to be told by the real owner that they have been scammed.

When you rent a cottage, make sure you use a reputable cottage rental company. Also, read reviews and do research on the property. Above all, avoid wire transfers as this is a common theme in all scams, whether they are cottage rental scams or insurance scams.

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Source: Toronto Star