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4 home insurance tips to get you safely through winter

Winter related claims can result in expensive damage to your home and increase your insurance premiums. Every year, the start of winter brings out advice on how to prepare your home for winter. Turn off your outside faucets Have your furnace professionally serviced...

Consumers urged to use caution when using ridesharing programs

The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is raising awareness of the risks associated with ridesharing programs such as UberX for both drivers and passengers.In a press release issued August 13, 2015, the IBAO said that "there are a number of myths that...

Toronto man charged with selling fake auto insurance – Alexandr Chertin

Toronto police have arrested Alexandr Chertin, 73, for allegedly selling fake auto insurance pinks slips, resulting in insurance claim payouts worth more than $1 million.Police say that the man is not a licenced insurance broker and is not affiliated with any...
Staged Accident Videos

Staged Accident Videos

The National Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau in the United States along with the Los Angeles Police Department has created a series of videos showing the common methods used to stage accidents. “Staged or deliberately caused accidents continue to be a problem across...

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