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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Cottage through the Summer

Summer is finally here, and Canadians have already started planning their weekend escapes to the cottage. This video provides helpful tips to customers on what they need to do to maintain their cottage through the summer.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Cottage through the Summer


Wind, tree branches and ice can damage your cottage roof. Do a visual inspection of the roof every time you visit the cottage. Remove loose branches and debris and cut off any over hanging branches that can cause problems later on. Check for loose or missing shingles and protruding nails and make repairs as necessary. Do a visual inspection of the interior ceiling for water marks or stains.

Water System

Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to crack. You can do a visual inspection but you should also know how to test your particular water system.

Decks and Docks

Check for rotted or missing boards and replace where needed. Consider applying a wood preservative or cleaner.

Window and Door Screens

Screens keep the small animals and mosquitos out of your cottage. DIY screen repair or replacement kits are available at your local hardware store.


Check for downed power lines or damage to your electricity metre. Call your electricity provider if you discover any downed lines or damage. Check the interior of the cottage for gnawed wires as this could be an indication that animals have been inside your cottage.

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