5 tips for closing your cottage

The start of fall signals the end of cottage season and the closure of the cottage.

Posted on October 9, 2014 | Updated on November 28, 2023

Closing up your cottage in the fall is important because you never know what sort of winter damage will occur before next spring. Take a couple of days before you close it up to do a thorough inspection and make any necessary repairs.

Water Supply

Shut the water off and drain all of the pipes to prevent water from freezing and splitting the pipes. Make sure you drain your traps and toilets as well. Open all of the faucets inside and outside the cottage. Open the drain valves to let any water drain out and leave them open in the winter.

Food, Drink, and Valuables

Thoroughly clean your kitchen and remove all food from the cupboards. Bears and rodents can sniff out food and cause lots of damage. Clean and unplug your refrigerator and prop open the door with a piece of wood. Remove all beer and liquor to avoid unwanted guests from partying in your cottage.

Electricity & Heat

Turn off the main power at the breaker panel. Also, make sure that all light switches and appliances are off. You don’t want everything coming on at once and overloading the system when you turn the main power back on in the spring.

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Snow Preparation

Snow creates two issues with weight and water. Make sure that the eaves troughs are cleared of leaves and dirt so that water can drain. Inspect the roof and replace any loose or missing shingles. Inspect the chimney and make any necessary repairs. Trim back any branches that are close to the roof and cottage. If possible, have someone come by your cottage every once in a while to clear snow or make sure everything is okay.

Before You Leave

Do a last minute walk around inspection of the interior and exterior of the cottage. Take pictures of the interior and exterior to show how you left it. This may assist you with an insurance claim the following spring. Make sure all of the windows and doors are closed and locked.

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